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More about me

1) I have a fair skin tone with normal to oily texture.

2) I am obsessed with face packs, hair packs and makeup products. You will find almost every kind of skin creams, beauty product on my vanity table. In fact, most of my sis’s beauty products can be found in my custody and she gets them back when they are finished ;-).

3) I cant live without a Sunscreen Lotion, Lip Balm, an Umbrella and a Mirror 😉

4) Apart from my passion for beauty and fashion, I love music, dance, movies, photography, travelling, adventure sports…and the list goes on and on :-).

5) Moreover I am a fitness freak. I am also obsessed with staying active and physically fit.

6) I believe that inner beauty and health is as important as outer looks and beauty. So eat right, do physical exercise, stay healthy and fit as what you eat shows on your skin and face :-).